You likely just clicked on my name to check out where I come from (in blogland), which suggests a measure of curiosity in understanding where my opinion originates from, in order to measure me up in some credible manner.  That’s a good thing.


I have three blogs, all with different themes; two are political and one is about me personally, some life tidbits and personal experiences, and personal reflections.

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  • I’ll be upfront… this is an anti-Trump blog.  BUT…. I do not spend time with vitriolic name calling, excessive labeling of diversity opinion, or just barking at the political moonscape.  I do not dislike the man but I have felt from the campaign that his personal qualifications are an affront to American traditions and moralities.  I call it as I see it and I TRY to cite my sources.  I most certainly encourage discourse, especially alternative opinion.

  • This newer blog is my attempt to direct discussion and discourse more on policy rather that personality; more on substantive problem solving than finger pointing or looking at fault.  Not Anti-Trump but rather policy solutions.



  • This blog is my escape from politics; my “fortress of solitude” where I reflect on my good old days, experiences in the military, entrepreneurship, family and parenthood.  This is where I present myself as more than just a political opinion you may or may not hate.


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